About the course:

Validation is an essential part of GMP, and an element of Quality Assurance. The course is designed to uncover validation aspects of various parts of pharmaceutical manufacturing including equipment, process, cleaning, laboratory, HVAC, water systems validation and others.

Who should attend:

The course is designed for pharmaceutical production, quality control and assurance personnel.
Certificates of completion are given to course participants upon successful graduation.

Course program:

The course consists of following parts:

  • General overview on qualification and validation,
  • Production processes validation,
  • Autoclave validation,
  • Qualification and validation of HVAC and water systems,
  • Cleaning validation,
  • Analytical methods validation,
  • Computerized systems validation,
  • Qualification of systems and equipment,
  • Non sterile product process validation.

Course Manual:

The course comes with a comprehensive manual, which proves to be an excellent handout and source of reference after the course.