Our International Experts

Professor Michael Kimber is a professionally qualified specialist. He has obtained his Master degree in Business Research and is a candidate of pharmaceutical sciences. He has more than 30 years of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing and education. Before working as a lecturer in the Pharmaceutical school of James Cook University, he has occupied leading positions in production management of the companies “Sterling Winthrop” and “AstraZeneca”. Currently, he has his own training company which specializes in training programs for the pharmaceutical sector. Michael lives in Australia.

Alain Kupferman is a Belgian pharmacist and qualified specialist. Alain has worked for the companies “Ciba-Geygi”, “Bayer” and “Fisons” in Europe, as well as in Asia. Since 1993, he works as an international expert and specializes in technological consulting, factory planning, GMP consulting and training (World Health Organization, etc.). The main part of his consulting work includes factory designing and production technology, as well as coordination of the company during investment programs and GMP certification procedures.

Gerrit ten Hoonte has graduated from the University of Amsterdam and Leiden (the Netherlands) and holds BSc in Clinical Chemistry and microbiology. He has more than 36 years of experience in pharmaceutical marketing field. From 1991 to 2002 he has worked as an export director for Central Eastern Europe and Central Asia in German “Block Drug Company Inc.”. Currently, he is an independent export and sales consultant working in areas of promotion of export and sales of several international companies in the pharmaceutical, medical device and dental sectors. He also performs sales and distribution cooperation in the UAE and Jordan (office in Doha, Qatar).

Frans Stobbelaar is an international consultant in pharmaceutical management based in the Netherlands. Frans has professional background in strategy and policy development, and in management. His experience covers several sectors: most recent years in pharmaceuticals and vaccines.
Frans previously worked for the World Health Organization (European Office – Special Program for Pharmaceuticals in NIS) and for Deloitte Management Consultants (strategy and management).
His expertise in pharmaceutical sector includes: strategic planning, business plans, pharmaceutical supply chain management, GMP implementation & investment programs, pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement, market development, project management, monitoring and evaluation.
Frans has contributed to the development of CAPS assistance to the Armenian pharmaceutical cluster.

Dr. M. F. van Berlo is professional expert from the Netherlands. He has completed three (Higher Professional Education) laboratory courses (Chemistry, Zoology and Biochemistry). In addition he studied Biology at the Utrecht University. In 1985 he obtained his doctorate (PhD) in molecular virology: Replication of Equine Arteritis Virus: “A new mode of replication?”
He was employed at the Veterinary Faculty (RU) from 1975 till 1989 and at the Institute of Life Sciences & Chemistry from the University of Applied Sciences (Utrecht) till 2009.
He gives courses in laboratory and education techniques (problem based learning), behaviour in group processes, quality assurance & management and Good Laboratory Practices(GLP). In his hometown Gemert (The Netherlands) he is active in the field of interactive communication and is Chairman of two Foundations, active in education programs for mentally disabled people.

Nataliya Kravets is an international expert and trainer from Ukraine. The main higher education was taken in Kyiv State University after T. Shevchenko what is now called Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and was qualified as an engineer and pedagogue (chemistry and analytical chemistry). She took the postgraduate degree at A.V. Dumansky Institute of Colloid and Water Chemistry (electrochemistry of disperse systems, analytical chemistry).
From 1994 she worked at PJSC SIC “Borshchahivskiy CPP” as a chemist, head of physicochemical laboratory, head of quality management department, starting from 2002 – the leading specialist of GMP/GDP inspectorate at the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine, from 2006 – the deputy director of quality management department at “Klinfarm” TOV.
Kravets started her career as a trainer in 2009. She has worked as GMP/GDP expert at State Training Center for Good Manufacturing/Distribution Practice in Ukraine. Since 2011 she has been the trainer of “Standards, technologies and development” LLC, as well as GxP expert.

Alexandra Sirosh – the director of the consulting and training company “Staff – Technology”, has 14 years of experience in training and consulting of pharmaceutical companies (manufacturers, pharmacy chains, distributors) in the area of staff development, preparation of specialized training programs, management of technology and standards development. She also has a successful experience of delivering projects for pharmaceutical companies with support of USAID / CAPS and the European Union. Today she simultaneously holds the position of Deputy General Director of Human Resources (recruitment, assessment, training), developing industry standards and technology in one of the largest holdings of Ukraine. She is the author of unique methods of learning and development of staff.

Eeva Teräsalmi is an international expert and trainer from Finland. The main higher education was taken in Helsinki University (BS and MS in pharm). After graduation she continued studies in Pharmacy Practice Research, Quality Management, Leadership and Management, Pharmacology and Population Health.
From 1982 she worked at the Center for Lifelong Learning in Pharmacy and since 2006 she is the president of the Center. Since 2008 she is also the owner of Pharmacy “Seven Brothers”.
She is the member of numerous working groups and task forces to develop pharmacy education, community pharmacy practice, pharmacy systems, quality work and public health in Finland. In particular, she is the member of the task force to develop the new GPP-guidelines and is involved in GPP-implementation projects in Southern America, Europe and Asia.
At the same time she is a lecturer at Helsinki University, University in Eastern Finland, Åbo Akademi and institutions for continuing education. She is an author of more than 200 articles, research and policy papers.