Good Distribution Practices


Our experts can consult and guide you on international requirements of Good Distribution Practice. All GDP aspects can be covered, including:

  • Personnel (evaluation of personnel competence and qualification, measurement, analysis and improvement of training programs etc.),
  • Documentation (documentation availability, order of addressing and procedures),
  • Premises (sustainability issues, receipt of goods, storage and calibration),
  • Equipment (assessment of equipment suitability),
  • Deliveries to customers (how deliveries should be made, temperature controlled distribution issues, transportation and advanced planning considerations, global regulations and their trends etc.),
  • Returns (returns of non defective medicinal products, emergency plans and recalls organisation, counterfeit medicinal products and other special provisions),
  • Self Inspection (how it should be conducted),
  • Provision of information to authorities.

To whom it is addressed:

Pharmaceutical products manufacturers, distributors and pharmacies