Water for Pharmaceutical Use

About the course:

There are specific requirements applied to water used in pharmaceutical production. WHO, FDA and USP define the term “water for pharmaceutical use/purposes” and give classification and acceptable limits for it. The course is designed to provide international requirements applied to Water for Pharmaceutical use, purification equipment and validation.

Who should attend:

The course is designed for pharmaceutical production, quality control and assurance personnel as well as technical specialists and engineers of water systems installing companies.
Certificates of completion are given to course participants upon successful graduation.

Course program:

The course consists on following parts:

  • Introduction to Water for Pharmaceutical Use (WPU),
  • Legislation requirements to Water for Pharmaceutical Use,
  • Sources and types of Water for Pharmaceutical Use,
  • Pre-treatment of water,
  • Water treatment systems,
  • Storage requirements,
  • Distribution requirements,
  • Microbial limits, disinfection,
  • Materials,
  • Qualification and Validation issues.

Course Manual:

The course comes with a comprehensive manual, which proves to be an excellent handout and source of reference after the course.