Medical Representative

About the course:

The purpose of the seminar is to:

  • Show the participants the way they are to organize systematic and correct work with doctors and pharmacists in hospitals, policlinics and pharmacies.
  • Introduce the methods of drugs sales promotion to the participants in parallel showing how they are to reach the targeted results through acquiring the confidence of doctors, pharmacy workers and decision makers.
  • Develop correspondent method for organizing effective and targeted work.

Medical representative is considered to be a special advertising agent whose sales subject is considered to be not the product itself but the information about the drug.The final goal of medical representatives’ work is to increase sales which is necessary to implement through developed targeted and intelligent marketing strategy.Medical representative is responsible for the image of pharmaceutical company, as well as advertisement, sales.

Who should attend:

Medical representatives who are busy in pharmaceutical sphere are to take participation in the seminar. Certificates of completion are given to course participants upon successful graduation.

Course program:

The course covers following topics:

  • The role and activity of medical representative as a strategic link due to whose support drug promotion is realized in the pharmaceutical market (mini-seminar);
  • Important professional skills of medical representative;
  • Effective visits and works of medical representative (role-playing games, small group works, discussions);
  • Organizing a visit, working process with a doctor, analyze, evaluation, results evaluation after the visit;
  • Necessary works in case there is a suspect or objection;
  • Organizing mini-presentations, positioning a drug.

Course Manual:

The seminar is organized on the basis of the comprehensive manual which is considered to be an excellent record of information and statements.