Training on Pharmaceutical Marketing Opens in Yerevan, October 16, 2009

news3Training on Pharmaceutical Marketing for Armenian pharmaceutical industry opened today in Yerevan. The five-day training program is jointly organized by the USAID-funded Competitive Armenian Private Sector (CAPS) Project and the GXP Center of Excellence, recently established with CAPS support through the Union of Medicine Producers and Importers of Armenia (MPI). The initiative aims to assist Armenian medicine producers in enhancing their production efficiency and increasing the visibility of Armenian-produced drugs in the local and export markets.

Local producers currently only satisfy around 10% of domestic demand. CAPS research on the domestic perception of drugs produced by Armenian pharmaceutical companies has revealed that these medicines do not command a particularly strong image domestically; interviewees typically believe that imported drugs are of a higher quality. This is also partly conditioned by poor marketing activities on the part of the producers.

The survey results suggest that Armenian pharmaceutical producers work hard on their marketing, particularly focusing on the medical profession, to change perception about Armenian-produced drugs.

Whilst many of the pharmaceutical manufacturers would like to diversify their product portfolio into current markets and expand the range of export markets, companies have limited knowledge and information about potential markets.

Taking into consideration the lack of marketing knowledge and ability to market effectively in both the domestic and export markets, the organizers of the training have specifically tailored the basic marketing course toward the pharmaceutical industry. The course is being delivered by Gerrit ten Hoonte, an international expert with over 30 years experience in pharmaceutical marketing. Participants include company representatives, business service providers, civil servants, MPI representatives and academia.

“The domestic market is too small for local producers from the point of view of product realization, and in order to expand toward export markets they need to master essential marketing techniques. The training provides an excellent opportunity for participants to familiarize themselves with the peculiarities of export marketing.” Lala Margaryants, CAPS Pharmaceutical Cluster Coordinator stated.

The training will be supported by one-on-one assistance to each pharmaceutical company, with a more advanced marketing course to follow.