Promotion of Sales, effective visit of medical representative, October 2-6, 2012


“GXP” Centre of Excellence has organized next training course “Promotion of sales, effective visit of the medical representative”, in period of 2-6 October, 2012 with support of the USAID “The Enterprise Development and Market Competitiveness (EDMC)” program in Armenia,.

The training has been conducted by the “GXP” Centre of Excellence experienced trainer, specialist of pharmaceutical marketing Heghine Umrshatyan.

The theory and practice of GMP/GDP+GSP, September 6-16, 2012


The USAID “The Enterprise Development and Market Competitiveness (EDMC)” program in Armenia together with “GXP” Centre of Excellence as well as Medicine Producers and Importers Union of Armenia for the period of 6-16 September, 2012 organized a 5 day training course on “Good Storage Practice” issue which included some components of GMP and GDP as well. The training was intended for the employees of production, employees and management of storage departments of companies specialized in the wholesale turnover of drugs, as well as employees of quality assurance departments.

Sales promotion, effective visit of the medical representative, May 29-June 2, 2012


“Promotion of sales, effective visit of the medical representative” course was held in Armenia from 29 May to 2 June, 2012.  The course was organized by “GXP” Centre of Excellence in cooperation with United State Agency for International Development (USAID) funded Enterprise Development and Market Competitiveness  EDMC Project.

The training course includes not only primary but complete course for the medical representatives, including activities in pharmacy, as well as in hospitals.

Course of Good Laboratory Practice (GMP), May 1-7, 2012


The “GXP” Centre of excellence and Medicine Producers and Importers Union (MPI Union) of Armenia, in cooperation with PUM (Netherlands senior experts) organized a training course on "EU Guidelines on Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) on May 1-7, 2012.
The training course was based on principles of GLP of Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which are known as international standarts. The concept of the training course was elaborated on training program materials basis.

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