An e-learning system operates in the website of "GXP" Center of Excellence that provides an opportunity to take the same courses of full-time distance-learning, without leaving the production or studies. During the whole e-learning course the audience has an opportunity to use the rich pharmaceutical scientific e-library of “GXP" Center of Excellence. In the e-library each educational literature of the training center, as well as all tutorials (books, manuals, presentations, etc.) for their consumption are available.

E-learning system provides an opportunity to take intermediate and then final exams of the course. Based on exam results, a certificate is given for course graduation. The certificate is approved by the Minister of Healthcare, the tutor of “GXP” Centre of Excellence and director of the organization, which represents the tutor. All of the courses of “GXP” Center of Excellence are confirmed by the RA Ministry of Healthcare.

For more information about the conditions of the courses of “GXP” Center of Excellence please call (+374 10) 58-26-20, or visit the “GXP” Center of Excellence (Yerevan, Moskovyan st., 24), and, after payment is made directly to the Center or to the bank account, get “login” and “password” which gives an opportunity to have an access and take advantage of e-learning and e-library.