Our Trainers


aram_gAram Ghazaryan is a qualified pharmacist, candidate of biological sciences, member of the Commission of Health and Social Issues of the RA Public Council, Honorary Doctor of the Armenian Division of the Russian Academy of Social Sciences, GMP trainer and expert, production director of the “Liqvor” pharmaceutical company, director of the “GXP” Center of Excellence. He has more than 11 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry and education. He is the author of more than 20 scientific articles.


hasmik_aHasmik Abrahamyan is a pharmacist, candidate of pharmaceutical sciences. She has graduated from the “Pharmaceutical Chemistry” department of the Yerevan State University. She has worked as a senior expert in the analytical laboratory of the Scientific Centre of Drug and Medical Technology Expertise. Presently, she works in the Armenicum clinical centre as a pharmacist-researcher and teaches pharmacokinetics in the pharmaceutical chemistry department of the Yerevan State University.


sonaSona Khachatryan is a pharmacist, candidate of bioorganic chemistry sciences. She is an author of 15 scientific articles. She has more than 10 years of experience in the Scientific Centre of Drug and Medical Technology Expertise in the sphere of drug quality control. Sona took part in ISO 9001-2000 standard implementation activities and internal audits at “Exlab” analytical laboratory. She introduced the quality assurance system at “Esculap” LLC production. She participated in planning and operating activities of the new factory of “Esco-Pharm” LLC ensuring safe and high-quality production of drugs according to GMP standards. At present, she works in the “Esco-Pharm” LLC as a quality assurance director. She has participated in several international trainings and courses conducted experienced consultants.


asbedAsbed Cassis is a pharmacist. He has graduated from the state medical university named after Mkhitar Heratsi. He has worked in various Armenian and foreign pharmaceutical productions as a technologist. Presently, he is the production director of the Medical Horizon pharmaceutical production. He has participated in the “EU Guidelines of GMP for Pharmaceutical Products”, “GMP Training for Trainers” and “GMP Evaluation in Workplace” trainings organized by the CAPS program funded by the USAID.


asevikyanAnahit Sevikyan is pharmacist. Graduated Yerevan State Medical University named after M. Heratsi. Subsequently she participated in trainings, including various courses held by different international organizations. She has working experience in pharmaceutical education as well as in pharmacies operating sphere. She has more than 10 years experience of teaching of resident doctors and the courses of the postgraduates’ continuing education, as well as participants of international seminars at the National Institute of Health after S. Kh. Avdalbekyan of Ministry of Healthcare. Currently she works in National Institute of Health.


HeghineHeghine Umrshatyan is a marketer with medical education. She has graduated Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi and National Institute of Health after S. Kh. Avdalbekyan of Ministry of Healthcare. She has sufficiently broad work experience in pharmaceutical marketing. At present she is a manager of the marketing department at "Medical Horizon". She has taken participation in several seminars such as pharmaceutical marketing courses in Riga and Yerevan, training course on "Sales promotion, effective visit of a medical representative" in Yerevan.